• (Material) Safety Data Sheet MSDS, SDS Software

    Create your documents for international use.

    Product and industry-specific through rules-based templates. And ready to run automated where desired.

  • Classification

    When you use CHEMDOX, you can rest assured that these important tasks are being handled right. Determine the hazardous nature of your products (substances, mixtures or preparations) automatically based on a set of rules, or record your own classification.

  • A simple way to make working easier.

    contemporary software
    for classification and documentation
    in compliance with legal guidelines
    based on current chemical and transportation law.

  • Substance database

    CHEMDOX works on the basis of our extensive, constantly updated database. You can use it for research and for creating your own products.


  • Phrase catalogue

    All the formulations that you'll need for your documents. CHEMDOX uses correct technical terminology drawn directly from the legal texts. The same holds true for all translations.


    Everything at a level that will be well received by your international partners.