• Installation support, software updates and service

  • Product presentation

    See for yourself just what makes CHEMDOX unique. Contact us for a CHEMDOX presentation at your company.


    To help with the product evaluation, we'd be glad to show you how CHEMDOX works with your criteria catalogue.

  • Installation support

    We'd be glad to help you install and roll-out CHEMDOX at your company.


    As a new CHEMDOX customer, you receive free telephone installation support for 30 days after purchase of the product.

  • System adaptations

    Each company is different, from their corporate philosophy to their software.


    We'd be glad to adapt CHEMDOX to fit your special requirements, ensuring that CHEMDOX fits seamlessly into your company and supports your workflows as efficiently as possible.


    Our catalogue of individual service includes:

    • Testing and integration of your materials management software into CHEMDOX.
    • Data migration from other programs.
    • Implementation of interfaces to other systems.
    • Development of special software modules.
  • Support and update service contract

    The CHEMDOX support and update service contract encompasses 2 components:


    1. On-going software updates:

    These can be downloaded by registered customers on an on-going basis from our update server.


    2. On-going support:

    Mo – Fr (Austrian holidays excepted) from 9 am to 5 pm by telephone or email.



    Your version is thus always current, both in term of updates to reflect changed legal frameworks and rules and for simple improvements to the software.


  • Always ready to go

    Our service and our team for your request.


    Our team appreciates your interest in its products and services and is always available by phone or mail for questions and arranging appointments.

    USA: [T] +1 888 8369462
    Europe & other countries: [T] +43 1 5321489 0