• CHEMDOX Material Safety Data Sheet Software - the perfect solution for your safety documents

    CHEMDOX is a contemporary software that uses modern technologies to support you in the creation of legally sound classifications and safety related documents.


    Developed to cope with the general requirements of chemical and transportation law while retaining maximum user-friendliness, CHEMDOX helps experts achieve an important objective:


    high quality classifications and documents and with them the feeling of security knowing that the job has been done right.


  • Research substances, create own products

    The CHEMDOX substances database contains data about substances. You can also create your own products (substances, mixtures or preparations and articles).


    Substances data

    Data is available on legal classifications in accordance with CLP (EU-GHS), DSD, ADR/RID/ADN, DOT, IMDG, ICAO, UN RTDG and the possibility to store data related to physico - chemical and (eco)toxicological properties, specifications on limit values (occupational exposure, biological), etc.


    Create own products

    CHEMDOX supports you in the creation of your own products. You can create functions, such as rules-based classification, to fit your needs. This includes simple depiction of complex mixtures.


    Research substances data and own products

    The powerful search functions helps you find the information you're seeking quickly and easily.

  • Rules-based classification

    Determine the hazardous properties of your products (substances, mixtures and preparations) automatically based on a set of rules, or record your own classification.
    CHEMDOX accounts for the following regulations in the process:

    Chemicals law
    REAL classification and labelling based on GHS (EU-CLP, UN, US, KR, JP), in accordance with the European Preparation Directive (DPD) and according to OSHA (as NFPA 704 and HMIS III).

    Transportation law
    Classification according to the regulations for various transportation modes (ADR/RID/ADN, DOT, ICAO, IMDG, UN RTDG) that are based on the UN Model Regulations and specific specifications.


    Specific national regulations
    Occupational exposure limit values, biological limit values, water law, technical rules for storage, seveso, lists of wastes, etc.




  • Automated creation of documents

    (Material) Safety data sheets (MSDS / SDS), exposure scenarios (ES), labels, operating instructions (OI) or inventories of dangerous substances -

    simply and for international use.

    Through CHEMDOX we've developed a piece of software that allows any user to store custom rules for how phrases are output, including those used in translations.


    Templates are also available to ensure that the documents look right, with plenty of customization options. Distinguish yourself from the competition by using your company logo, colors and typeface to give your documents a sheen of professionalism, competence and security.

  • Administration of created documents

    CHEMDOX ensures that the documents you've generated can be tracked from start to finish at any time, with a chronology showing who changed what and when.


    This enhances the efficiency through automated processes and it also raises the quality and security. Sources of potential error are reduced.



  • CHEMDOX offers more.

    Enjoy the benefits of a modern software solution. User friendly, secure and compatible with use in an international environment, CHEMDOX can be optimally adapted for your operation.


    CHEMDOX has the future firmly in view.

    The technology positions you perfectly for future innovations and secures your investment.
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