• Administration of created documents

    CHEMDOX helps you administer documents once generated.

    CHEMDOX ensures that you can trace the genesis of your documents' contents from start to finish. The version history is the perfect tool for reviewing at any time exactly who changed what and when.


  • Customer administration

    Record the following master data for your customers in the customer administration unit

    • Company / Name
    • Customer number
    • Status
    • Address and contact information
    • Contact person, incl. contact info
    • SDS – delivery address

    To ensure that your documentation fulfils all obligations, you can link your customer to the document administration module.


  • Document administration

    The document administration ensures start-to-finish traceability of a document and the changes made to it over time:

    • Versioning
    • Change logs with version comparison
    • Recipient
    • Date of dispatch
    • Type of dispatch
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