• Automated creation of documents

    Create safety-related documents with CHEMDOX – with utter simplicity and ready for international use. With several CHEMDOX country packages.


    You'll create documents such as safety data sheets (SDS), exposure scenarios (ES), labels, operating instructions (OI) or inventories of dangerous substances for all products recorded in CHEMDOX (substances, mixtures, articles). Templates are available to help with the creation of the documents.


    Once created in one language, the document is then immediately available in all languages.


  • Templates

    CHEMDOX contains templates for various document types and industries. In addition you can also develop your own templates using your own rules.


    Each template contains:

    • Basic information such as layout (company logo, colours, fonts, etc.), indication of document author
    • Include data based on rules from the substances database
    • Texts, phrases and fixed text components, rules-based from the phrase catalogue
    • Scalable graphics such as symbols and icons for labelling and requirements


  • Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Template-Editor - SDS section 3
    Screenshot: Template-Editor - SDS section 3
  • CHEMDOX - PDF: SDS section 3
    CHEMDOX - PDF: SDS section 3

  • Phrase catalogue

    CHEMDOX Phrase Catalogue:
    CHEMDOX uses correct technical terminology drawn directly from the legal texts. This also applies to all translations.

    The phrase catalogue involves blocks of text and their translations, including hazards, phrases indicating safety advice, classifications/labelling, statements involving product descriptions, disposal (lists of wastes), transport, ECHA descriptors, etc.

    It also includes phrases linked to variable data from the database ("store at temperatures not exceeding {$MAX_STORE_TEMP}").

    You can also expand the phrase catalogue to include your own formulations.

    EUPhraC Module "Core" and
    EUPhraC Module "eSDS":

    The two phrase catalogues EUPhraC Module "Core" and EUPhraC Module "eSDS" are optionally available in 35 languages:
    English (GB), English (US), French, Portuguese, German, Greek, Romanian, Turkish, Czech, Latvian, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Danish, Norwegian, Slovenian, Estonian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Bosnian, Malay, Chinese, Chinese trad. (Taiwanese), Thai, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian.

  • Ready for international use

    CHEMDOX Country Packages - extensions for companies which are internationally active.


    Country Packages contain identifications of substances and phrases for documents in the relevant language, as well as national regulations such as Occupational Exposure Limits. (*)


    CHEMDOX Country Packages are already available for:

    Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Sweden, Finland,

    Switzerland, Norway,

    USA, Canada,  Mexico,  Brazil,  Australia,  China,  Taiwan,  Japan,  South Korea,  Indonesia,  Thailand,  Malaysia,  Russia,  Turkey.

    Do you miss a Country Package? Upon request we can deliver the needed Country Package SHORTLY.

    (*)The exact scope of delivery is detailed in the product description of the respective Country Package.


  • (Material) Safety Data Sheet - SDS

    CHEMDOX contains templates for safety data sheets for various industries.
    Using the templates – and the rules contained in them – you can generated your SDS very quickly. As desired, you can also adapt the SDS for the specific product. You can then save your modifications as a template and use it for other products.
    CHEMDOX allows you to create reproducible, legally sound SDSs.
  • Exposure Scenario - ES

    The exposure scenario is part of European law and contains information from the Chemical Safety Assessment of substances (mixtures). As with SDS, ES can be created on the basis of previously recorded rules. Generated ESs can be assigned to existing SDSs.









  • Operating instruction

    Operating instructions are documents that serve to warn of significant dangers, forbidden actions and ordinances, as well as to inform and instruct employees.

    The operating instructions templates pre-installed in CHEMDOX are based on the German Hazardous Substance Regulation (deutsche Gefahrstoffverordnung, § 14). The templates contain texts (phrases) and data from the database and can be generated automatically (rules-based classification).

  • Labels

    Various pieces of chemicals-related legislation define which pieces of information must appear on labels, such as CLP-Regulation 1272/2008/EC.

    CHEMDOX also includes a solution for the creation of labels.

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