• Automated, rules-based classification

    The heart of CHEMDOX lies in the classification of your custom products (substances, mixtures) based on various national and international regulatory laws as well as globally harmonized rules such as the GHS (Purple Book) or the UN Model Regulations for transport law (Orange Book).


    This involves the automatic identification of hazardous characteristics, if present, using rules and algorithms contained in the program, including query of physico-chemical and (eco)toxicological data and accounting for concentrations of hazardous ingredients in mixtures.


  • Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Display of a GHS classification
    Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Display of a GHS classification
  • Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Display of an ADR classification
    Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Display of an ADR classification
  • Chemicals law

    Rules-based identification of all relevant hazards and depiction based on the following regulations:


    GHS (EU–CLP, UN, US and KR, JP according to the Building Block approach)


    OSHA (as NFPA 704 and HMIS III)


    On the one hand, CHEMDOX takes into account the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), including its European implementation (CLP-Regulation) as well as the "old" European legislation that is still in effect until June 2015 – the Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD) in connection with the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD).


    This means that CHEMDOX determines classifications using those regulations based on the physico-chemical, (eco) toxicological characteristics and – where suitable and present – the foundation of already existing classifications. For mixtures, if physico-chemical and (eco) toxicological data is missing then the classification will be made automatically based on the ingredients.

  • Transportation law

    Classification based on various transport regulations is handled through a rules-based identification of a list entry and with it classification of all hazards based on the following regulations:







    CHEMDOX thus automatically identifies the relevant record with information about hazards associated with each hazardous material based on the UN Model Regulations. This includes supplementary, transportation type specific specifications that are applicable for domestic transport (land, water-based shipping) ocean or air freight.


  • Specific national regulations

    Some regulations contain rules about hazards (e.g. for hazards), in some cases in coded form, that must be identified.

    CHEMDOX incorporates these rules as well and identifies special hazards in a rules-based manner for the following specific regulations:
    Water law

    TA Luft


    Aerosol Directive


    Other regulations contain solely lists (of substances) indicating a special hazard. CHEMDOX does this by automatically determining the list entry based on an existing identifier (such as CAS No), an assigned chemical characterization and/or a hazard classification determined from another regulation.
    Occupational exposure limit values

    Biological limit values

    REACH-substances (importable)


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