• CHEMDOX Software - User friendly and secure

    There's a reason why experts use CHEMDOX:

    high quality documents and with them the feeling of security knowing that the job has been done right.


    But that's not all CHEMDOX offers.


    During development, our team was tightly focused on making CHEMDOX as efficient, comfortable and customizable to work with as possible.

    That means that you'll not just hit your goals faster, but you'll also have the security of knowing that you can adapt CHEMDOX at any time to your company's changing needs – such as when markets shift.


  • User friendliness

    When you work with CHEMDOX, you enjoy all the benefits of cutting-edge software.


    From help and tooltips in all parts of the program to a search and command shortcuts as well as versioning and modern UI elements, CHEMDOX has everything you need to get the job done fast.


    All work processes depicted in CHEMDOX have been meticulously planned and tested in cooperation with chemists and IT specialists. The result: all tasks can be executed in the most efficient and intuitive manner possible.

  • Safety

    Security is writen large at CHEMDOX.


    In this spirit we don't just ensure that the information stored in CHEMDOX is protected based on current standards, we also offer the chance to restrict access to that data by specific users at a variety of security levels.


    This means you have the option of defining with great precision which users have access to view or change which data or documents.


    Where desired, logs can be kept of all user access to ensure a complete, transparent chronology of all changes, at any time.

  • Multi-linguality

    CHEMDOX is designed in all aspects for use with international markets and partners.


    All parts of CHEMDOX are designed for multi-linguality.


    Complete start-to-finish multi-linguality means that you can switch all aspects of the software, from the user interface and labels to the actual created documents, from one language to another. Without affecting any other element.


  • Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Multiple languages
    Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Multilinguality
  • Always ready to go:

    Our service and our team for a presentation in your company.


    Lots of things may sound terrific on a website.

    But it really gets exciting once you experience the benefits for yourself, such as through a live presentation of CHEMDOX.


    Our team would be glad to hear from you, either by telephone or email, with any questions or appointment requests.

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    Europe & other countries: [T] +43 1 5321489 0