• Database of substances and own products and formulas

    CHEMDOX is built around an extensive, constantly updated database.


    It is simple to use for creating your own products as well as for researching relevant substance data for immediate re-use.


  • Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Toxicological Data
    Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Toxicological Data
  • Screenshot: CHEMDOX Search results
    Screenshot: CHEMDOX - Search results


  • Substances data

    CHEMDOX contains a variety of data on characteristics such as substance classifications:


    a) All legal classifications denoted in the CLP-Regulation, Annex VI. More than 4400 substances including their hazard classes, the H-phrases in correspondence with the GHS-classification (Table 3.1) and the R- and S-phrases (table 3.2, corresponding with the Dangerous Substances Directive DSD).


    b) All classifications of substances registered by the ECHA and published on their website can be imported. Including their key property data.


    c) Occupational exposure limit values (WELs, OELs) as well as biological limit values of substances / substance groups as denoted in various national regulations and EU directives.


    d) Data regarding specific national regulations, such as water law (acc. to WGK - VwVwS and VAUwS) or airborne pollutants (VOCs, TA Luft) or other dangerous substances (SEVESO, SVHC, POP, ...) as well as carcinogenic substances (NTP, IARC).


    e) All classifications of substances denoted in a transport regulation (ARD/RID/ADN, DOT, ICAO, IMDG, UN RTDG).


    Simple and rapid creation of complete substance datasets by referencing multiple substance listing entries and/or by automated import of substance data (incl. physical and (eco) toxicological data) registered by the ECHA and published on their website.

  • Create custom mixtures, impurities and additives for substances

    You can create your own products (substances, mixtures or preparations) within the CHEMDOX database.


    For your products, you record: Basic information (name, identifiers, etc.), physico - chemical and other specific information, specifications on health and environmental hazards, data from chemical law (GHS, DSD/DPD), data from transport law (ARD/RID/ADN, ICAO, IMDG, DOT), occupational exposure and biological limit values as well as additional data on specific (national) regulations.


    CHEMDOX also supports complex mixtures (preparations, formulas, raw material mixtures, intermediate and finished articles): This allows for the ingredients in mixtures to be formed from other mixtures as well (including intermediate articles and raw material mixtures), with as many hierarchical levels as desired.


  • Research substances data and your own products

    The powerful research function in CHEMDOX ensures you'll find what you're looking for.


    Input your search criteria - select your display options - save the search results


    Various search criteria are possible depending on the query. There are also thematically organized search screens. You can specify which information should be returned. You can also store the results of your search query.


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