• CHEMDOX Software - Platform independent with automated updates

    The current technology is designed to be ready for long-term improvements and maintenance. That means you're ready for the future too. CHEMDOX is also designed to be platform neutral and is not tied to specific hardware or operating system. CHEMDOX is a client/server application, accessible with a browser, designed both for the stand-alone workstation and distributed work on corporate networks.


  • Technology

    All elements of CHEMDOX are built around current technological standards.


    This ensures not just the performance capability and long term operational readiness of CHEMDOX; it also leads to complete platform neutrality.


    You have complete freedom to select your hardware and operating system of choice for your CHEMDOX installations. From a dedicated server to an installation on a laptop, from Linux over MacOS to Windows, the choice is yours.

  • Server Installation

    CHEMDOX is installed on your company's server and can then be used by all computers in the company network. The sole prerequisite is an internet browser.

    Using a secure internet connection, you can then log into and work with your CHEMDOX installation even remotely.


  • Workstation Installation

    Of course you may also choose to simply install CHEMDOX on your workstation. Your working experience with CHEMDOX will stay all same.
  • Automated updates

    Take advantage of our update service. If a standing internet connection is present, updates from CHEMDOX are downloaded and installed automatically for your convenience.

    Your version is thus always current, both in term of updates to reflect changed legal frameworks and rules and for simple improvements to the software.






  • Always ready to go:

    Our service and our team for a presentation in your company.


    Lots of things may sound terrific on a website.

    But it really gets exciting once you experience the benefits for yourself, such as through a live presentation of CHEMDOX.


    Our team would be glad to hear from you, either by telephone or email, with any questions or appointment requests.

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