• Open training sessions

    In small groups, together with other experts, you'll learn the most important functions for efficient handling of CHEMDOX. Our training program includes introductory training sessions for absolute beginners and advanced training sessions that go into intense depth on specialized topics.


    Take advantage of the opportunity to arrange a strongly practically oriented training session led by proven CHEMDOX experts.


  • Fundamentals of CHEMDOX

    You'll learn how to work with CHEMDOX, create your own products, research substance data, identify hazards and create documentation.




  • Training

    You'll learn how to work with CHEMDOX through a curriculum tailored to your specific work and responsibilities. At your offices, if desired.

    Please talk to our team and we'll make your vision come true.


  • Always ready to go

    Our service and our team for your request.


    Our team appreciates your interest in its products and services and is always available by phone or mail for questions and arranging appointments.

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