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Do you find that the management of your chemical products is increasingly complex? Are you challenged on a daily basis by the requirements of hazardous substance communication?

CHEMDOX has product stewardship functionality that specializes in managing your portfolio from a regulatory compliance and hazard communication point of view as simply and efficiently as possible.

CHEMDOX supports you in creating your own safety data sheets, as well as with processing incoming safety data sheets and checking SDS information for plausibility and compliance. CHEMDOX also allows you to periodically review all chemicals in your production facility and keep them up to date with regulatory changes.

CHEMDOX helps you take care of occupational health and safety and the environment. …because safety matters.

CHEMDOX Features for Chemical Management:

  • Specialized chemicals database
  • Substance tracking
  • Plausibility checks of:
  • Authoring and generation of safety related documents:
    • Safety data sheets (SDSs)
    • Safety instruction cards / safety cards / operating instructions
    • Dangerous substances inventories and hazardous materials reports (including location management)
    • Exposure scenarios
  • Volume tracking


CHEMDOX Features for Chemical Management:

Your benefits:


Easily track the regulatory status of your substances to stay up to date and compliant


Generate hazard communication documents and regulatory reports quickly and efficiently


Efficient and easy management and distribution of all hazardous substance documents

What's next:

SDS Authoring Software

Generate your safety data sheets (SDS / MSDS) quickly and easily.

GHS Compliance

Improve your GHS (Globally Harmonized System) compliance.

Hazard Labelling

Use the integrated hazard label tool or third-party labelling applications.

Related topics:

CHEMDOX Software Features Overview

All necessary features for seamless hazardous substance management.

Automatic Classification & Labelling

Numerous automatic classification calculators available.

Legal Content & Substance Database

Enrich your products with comprehensive, up-to-date regulatory information.

Product Database & Basic Features

Manage your chemical product data efficiently.

System Integration & Data Exchange

Open and easy to integrate. Handle required regulatory notifications easily and efficiently.


Generate safety relevant documents (SDSs, Labels, etc.) quickly and easily.

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