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Do you produce your hazardous materials labels through a completely independent workflow? That’s not always efficient and certainly error-prone.

It really makes your life easier to generate your labels on the same database as everything else. The key to successful labeling is to support your individual internal process.

This is why CHEMDOX offers:

  • an integrated hazard label software tool, as well as 
  • integrations with third-party labeling applications. 

The internal CHEMDOX labeling tool is very flexible and easy to use to create both GHS compliant hazard labels as well as other label types (e.g. dangerous goods transportation). 

With CHEMDOX you can assure the quality of the regulatory information on the label, while still allowing for further data addition during production (Batch/Lot, Production Date, etc.). Here, CHEMDOX offers external Label Apps with individual, simple user interfaces – especially designed for efficient use in production.

So, no matter how you want to handle it, labels are extremely easy to produce with CHEMDOX.

CHEMDOX Features for Hazard Labeling:

  • Production of GHS-compliant hazard labels
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG label editor (drag and drop and exact positioning)
  • Seamless integration with CHEMDOX product database
  • Add needed information to your quality-assured labels during production (Batch/Lot, Production Date, etc.)
  • Multi-brand strategy and private labels
  • Integration of third-party labeling applications
CHEMDOX Features for Hazard Labeling

Your benefits:


Flexible layout. Easy to use.


Multi-stage workflow – allows for regulatory quality assurance and easy addition of batch-related data by production.


Integration with other in-house computer systems

What's next:

GHS Compliance

Improve your GHS (Globally Harmonized System) compliance.

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CHEMDOX Software Features Overview

All necessary features for seamless hazardous substance management.


Generate safety relevant documents (SDSs, Labels, etc.) quickly and easily.

Automatic Classification & Labeling

Numerous automatic classification calculators available.

System Integration & Data Exchange

Open and easy to integrate. Handle required regulatory notifications easily and efficiently.

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