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Automated Authoring of Documents

Automated Authoring of Documents

Create safety-related documents with CHEMDOX – with utter simplicity. Ready for international use, with numerous CHEMDOX country packages.

Create documents for all products in your CHEMDOX database (substances, mixtures, articles, multi-component kits), including:

  • Safety data sheet (SDS / MSDS)
  • Labels
  • Exposure scenarios (ES)
  • Safety instruction cards / safety cards / operating instructions
  • Technical datasheets (TDS)
  • Inventories of dangerous substances

Templates are available to help with creating documents.

Once it has been created in one language, the document is then available in all languages for all countries with just a click of the mouse.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement

CHEMDOX helps improve the quality of your documents by automating and standardizing the document authoring process.

  • Based on templates
  • Separation of data, logic and presentation (depending on the brand or distributor – White or Private Labeling)
  • Numerous formatting and output options (tables, etc.)
  • Workflow support (Draft / Final)
Extremely efficient Creation

Extremely efficient Creation

  • Document draft available immediately
  • Document editing in your native language
  • Automatic derivation ("translation") of documents for all countries or languages at the click of a button, without long waiting times
  • Automatic versioning
  • Automatic update of documents
  • Batch generation or update of documents

By saving your own knowledge in the template, the authoring of documents becomes faster and faster over time.

Automation, but still flexible

Automation, but still flexible

Based on your templates – with the rules stored in them – you can author your documents very quickly. If required, the document can be customized for the specific product. You can save your changes into the template and apply them to other products.

Ready for international Use

Ready for international Use

Roughly 50 CHEMDOX country packages include everything you need for creating safety data sheets at the best-practice level (*):

  • Relevant chemicals legislation (hazardous substance regulation)
  • Relevant transport law (dangerous goods regulation)
  • Relevant national regulations (occupational exposure limits, biological limits and other regulations on a best practice level)
  • Relevant language(s) in the CHEMDOX phrase library for document generation, including legal vocabulary (H- and P-phrases, SDS headings, etc.)
  • SDS templates, taking into account national regulatory requirements

(*) The exact scope of delivery can be found in the product description of the respective country package.

With CHEMDOX you can create safety data sheets for your export markets at the same level as you are used to from your home market. Safety data sheets are not only translated, but rather transformed, taking into account various country-specific requirements.

Country and Language Coverage

Coming soon


Country Country ISO Code Language Language ISO Code
Argentina AR Spanish es
Brazil BR Portugese pt-BR
Canada CA US English, French en-US, fr
Mexico MX Spanish es
USA US US English en-US


Country Country ISO Code Language Language ISO Code
Australia AU British English en
China CN Chinese (simplified) zh-z2
Indonesia ID Indonesian id
Japan JP Japanese ja
South Korea KR Korean ko
Malaysia MY Malay ms
New Zealand NZ British English en
Philippines PH British English en
Singapore SG Chinese (simplified) zh-z2
Thailand TH Thai th
Taiwan TW Chinese (traditional) zh-z1


Country Country ISO Code Language Language ISO Code
Austria AT German de
Belgium BE German, French, Dutch de, fr, nl
Bulgaria BG Bulgarian bg
Switzerland CH German, French, Italian de-CH, fr, it
Cyprus CY Greek el
Czech Republic CZ Czech cs
Germany DE German de
Denmark DK Danish da
Estonia EE Estonian et
Spain ES Spanish es
Finland FI Finnish fi
France FR French fr
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland GB British English en
Greece GR Greek el
Croatia HR Croatian hr
Hungary HU Hungarian hu
Ireland IE British English en
Iceland IS Icelandic is
Italy IT Italian it
Lithuania LT Lithuanian lt
Luxembourg LU German, French de, fr
Latvia LV Latvian lv
Malta MT British English en
Netherlands NL Dutch nl
Norway NO Norwegian no
Poland PL Polish pl
Portugal PT Portugese pt
Romania RO Romanian ro
Serbia RS Serbian sr
Russian Federation RU Russian ru
Sweden SE Swedish sv
Slovenia SI Slovenian sl
Slovakia SK Slovak sk
Ukraine UKR Ukrainian uk

Middle East

Country Country ISO Code Language Language ISO Code
Israel IL Hebrew he
Turkey TR Turkish tr


Country Country ISO Code Language Language ISO Code
Morocco MA Arabic, French ar, fr
South Africa ZA British English en

Templates & Styles

Templates & Styles

The basis for the output of documents are templates:

  1. LAYOUT e.g. positioning, tables, etc.
  2. RULES for the output of:
  • Substance data and classification data from the substance database
  • Texts, phrases or text blocks from the phrase library
  • Graphics (e.g. symbols and pictograms for labeling) from the symbol library
  • Supplier information (e.g. address, logo)

STYLES: You can also apply a style template to each template. This allows your documents to meet the different corporate design requirements without extra effort.


Standard Templates

CHEMDOX comes with a set of standard templates for different documents, legal regulations and industries.


Develop your own Templates

Your own templates - with their own layout and rules - are easy to develop based on standard templates included with CHEMDOX.

Phrase Catalogs and Pictogram Library

Phrase Catalogs and Pictogram Library

With CHEMDOX you can work with different phrase catalogs and extend existing catalogs.


CHEMDOX Phrase Catalog

  • Correct technical terms directly from legal texts. For all translations & countries.
  • Text blocks and their translations including, e.g., hazards, safety advice, classification / labeling, product descriptions, disposal (waste directories), transport, ECHA descriptors, etc.
  • Integration of variable data from the database ("store at temperatures of no more than {$MAX_STORE_TEMP}")
  • Extend the phrase catalog with your own custom phrases


EUPhraC module "ES" and EUPhraC module "SDS Main Body"

Optionally, the two phrase libraries EUPhraC module "ES" and EUPhraC module "SDS Main Body" are available in about 35 languages.


CHEMDOX Pictogram Library

  • Hazard symbols / pictograms such as e.g., GHS, DSD, transport law
  • Mandatory signs, prohibition signs, protective gloves, protective clothing, waste types and specific warning signs
  • Management of your own graphics (e.g. company logos, instructions, etc.)

Document Management

Document Management
  • Management of documents created in CHEMDOX
  • Management of incoming documents (file storage)
  • Distribution of documents (PORTAL App, SDS DISTRIBUTION App)

Safety Data Sheets - SDSs

Safety Data Sheets - SDSs
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for about 50 countries
  • Automatic generation of national SDS "translations"
  • Consistent with national regulatory texts and special requirements
  • Automatic „Up-to-Date“ Check
  • Automatic change history and list of abbreviations for section 16
  • Electronic safety data sheet exchange (SDSComXML,, individual exchange formats)

Labels for Identification

Labels for Identification
  • ​Intuitive WYSIWYG editor for template editing
  • Any desired format
  • Any number of languages on a label
  • Automated arrangement of hazard pictograms
  • 2-level data maintenance
    • regulatory
    • production-related, logistical
  • External LABEL App for logistics or production
  • Default template as a starting point
  • Open for integration with third-party systems

Exposure Scenarios - ES

Exposure Scenarios - ES
  • Exposure scenarios for substances and mixtures
  • Processing of received exposure scenarios
  • Efficient workflows
  • Link SDS and ES to make eSDS
  • Exposure Scenario Data Import (ESCom, Chesar, IUCLID)
  • Standard template based on the ECHA example as a starting point

Hazardous Substances Directory

Hazardous Substances Directory
  • Provision of safety information for the preparation of hazardous substances directories outside of CHEMDOX
  • Transfer of logistics information to create hazardous substance directories in CHEMDOX
  • Default template as a starting point

Safety Instruction Cards / Safety Cards / Operating Instructions – OI

Safety Instruction Cards / Safety Cards / Operating Instructions – OI
  • Reference to the main risks, prohibitions and orders
  • Suitable for informing and instructing employees
  • Standard template (deutsche Gefahrstoffverordnung  §14 or TRGS555) as a starting point

Multi-component kits

Multi-component kits
  • Automatic creation of "safety data sheets" for kits (cover sheet, individual SDSs of the kit components)
  • Default template as a starting point

Technical Datasheet - TDS

Technical Datasheet - TDS
  • Reduce the effort during document creation, especially through:
    • Creating own phrases for TDS
    • Custom data fields for specific product properties
    • Custom tables
  • Default template as a starting point


Your benefits:


Generate documents in no time, with a single click, for all your markets (about 50 countries)


Highly automated, without sacrificing flexibility in either content or layout


All documents – always up-to-date

What's next:

CHEMDOX Software Features Overview

All necessary features for seamless hazardous substance management.

System Integration & Data Exchange

Open and easy to integrate. Handle required regulatory notifications easily and efficiently.

Automatic Classification & Labeling

Numerous automatic classification calculators available.

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